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Hudepohl’s The Longhorn Beetles of the Philippines

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It is exactly 20 years ago that Karl Hudepohl first published his landmark series on the Philippines’ cerambycid beetles. His The Longhorn Beetles of the Philippines was a very commendable work that consolidated for the first time the unique cerambycid beetle fauna of the country. Consisting of three parts, he was able to cover the subfamilies Prioninae and majority of Cerambycinae before old age overtook him.

The series was not just a checklist. It was an exhaustive review culled from the diverse body of work that has accumulated over the many decades that Philippine Cerambycidae has been collected and studied not only by him but also those done by other workers. The three papers led to 37 new species, subspecies, combinations and synonyms from the said subfamilies. It covered 145 species from 57 genera. Of the known subfamilies present in the country, Disteninae, Lepturinae, the very large group of Lamiinae and 5 tribes of Cerambycinae are still to be treated.

Part I (Entomologischen Arbeiten aus dem Museum G. Frey, 35/36, 1987) covered subfamily Prioninae. It included 16 species of which four are new belonging to 11 genera from two tribes.

Part II
(Entomofauna Zeitschrift fur Entomologie, 11-3, 1990) covered Parandrinae (1 species), Vesperinae (1 species) and 5 tribes of Cerambycinae. It included 50 species from 29 genera. 13 are new species, 1 new subspecies and 3 new synonyms.

Part III (Entomofauna Zeitschrift fur Entomologie, 13-21, 1992) was a continuation of Cerambycinae with 5 tribes. 79 species were included from 17 genera of which 6 are new species, 10 new synonyms and 2 new combinations.

From 1992 until the present, several new species and new records have been described and published and I do hope that someday, Hudepohl’s work will be updated and continued.