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3 Kitchen Lighting Styles That Will Give You a Retro Look at Your Grandparents’ Love

If you want to relive past memories, one of the best ways to do this is to adjust the retro look of your home with the right lighting. By simply combining the dominant colors used in interior design during the 50s, 60s, and 70s and choosing the style of kitchen lighting that is reminiscent of those times, you can easily achieve the look you want.

To help you with kitchen renovations, here are the basic designs from previous years. To get additional information about the attractive styles below, just search in your browser for that and you will have lots of images to give you additional help.


The bulb is a design that stands out during the 70s. The sleek design and striking colors make it the dominant feature of the retro look. If you remember old Hollywood films, you usually find them in the dining room and the rich and rich living room. You can revive it by using the same kitchen lighting in the same place. To incorporate a retro look into your lighting, choose colors like orange, yellow or blue or a combination of these. Keep in mind that a retro look portrays a strong combination of bright colors, so don’t be soft and don’t make a sound with your color.

Victorian Style Lights

Victorian style lamps are a popular type of lighting fixtures used in recent years and are still a favorite of many modern designers today. You can include the fixture in your kitchen lighting especially on your buffet table. Vintage or antique effects added give you the feeling of traveling to the past easily.


Hanging kitchen lighting is also a popular design for achieving a retro look. You can choose from a variety of color designs that illustrate the life of the 50s. Depending on your preferences, you can choose an old hat design or a vintage umbrella look. If you are a fan of wooden equipment, get a lamp made of wood that is used at that time to add to the effect you want to achieve. You can find these original lights in various sales pages or even on some online auction sites.

Even today, incorporating a retro style into kitchen lighting still looks good and depending on your home decor, you might just add an extra touch by using it. By simply adapting a retro theme and look, you can see the life of your grandparents and enjoy a moment in the past.

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