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Hi, welcome to my site on Philippine beetles. I’m Estan, an amateur beetle collector focusing on eight families:

What started as a butterfly collection in 1989 is now an almost 5,000 specimen beetle collection that has been growing over the years. Majority came from Mindanao where I was based for a few years but species have also been collected in the major islands in the country. I have led to the discovery and description of several new species and new distributional records.

The data on this site is based from the scientific journals that I have collected over the years as well as inputs from entomologists and collector friends who I have collaborated with. Photos of the beetles featured here are also from my collection. While this is still incomplete, I am making all efforts to make it as accurate as possible, based on what data I have.

You can help me expand the knowledge of Philippine Coleoptera. Click on this page to know how you can contribute.