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Contributions to Science

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Nidella stanleyana VIVES, 2005 When I started out with collecting beetles, I have kept in touch with entomologists (scientists who study insects) who helped me in the identification as well as led to the description of new species for Science. Foremost is Eduard Vives, a Catalan entomologist who has already published several papers on Southeast Asian Cerambycid fauna in European and Japanese scientific journals and he has described many new Philippine species that I have provided. Below are the following species that were described by Eduard Vives in two publications:

He has also teamed up with Tetsuya Niisato, a Japanese entomologist and have published two other papers with descriptions of three new species in Elytra:

  • Schmidtiana boudanti VIVES & NIISATO, 2004*
  • Procleomenes cabigasi VIVES & NIISATO, 2005
  • Procleomenes philippinensis VIVES and NIISATO, 2005

There is still so much work to done on Philippine Coleoptera and as far as this and succeeding posts are concerned, a focus on the longhorn beetle family, Cerambycidae will be given.

23 July 08 update: I have created a page specifically to highlight species that I have contributed. Check this page out.

*from another collector