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Heffernia filipina VIVES, 2005

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Heffernia filipina VIVES, 2005 In 2005, Eduard Vives published his paper Notes on Lepturinae (XI). Four New Species of Lepturinae from South East Asia (Col. Cerambycidae) wherein he described four new species of Lepturinae of which two are from the Philippines.

Heffernia filipina VIVES, 2005 is one of the two which is the second species to be described by the author under the genus (Heffernia borneana VIVES, 2001 is the first one from North Borneo). Measuring at just 13mm, it is clearly distinguished from the latter because of its unique coloration, other than bodily characteristics. Only one specimen, a female, is currently known and the holotype is deposited in the author’s collection.

This species is found in the island of Mindanao. A new record for the Philippines in terms of the genus, it represents a faunistic link between this island and Borneo.