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A possible new species of Calomera

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Calomera sp. Sometime last April, I sent a parcel of mixed unidentified tiger beetles to Fabio Cassola, known authority of world Cicindelidae. These specimens were from different places like Cavite, Banaue, Ilocos in Luzon; Cebu; Homonhon Is., Samar; Leyte; Marinduque; Gingoog, Bukidnon, Zamboanga del Norte, Bucas Grande in Mindanao and Coron Is., Palawan.

This parcel included one species of Calomera that Fabio specifically requested to include as he saw it in my website. From his initial feedback, this Calomera species can only be two things:

  • a new species, or
  • it is a new range for C. decemguttata

These are two possibilities but with the second, the said species is found only in Indonesia (Sulawesi, Ambon, Ceram and other islands) and not in the Philippines. If this is C. decemguttata, it might prove to be a new distributional range but he cautions that this species is in dire need of a revision which will be done by an American entomologist.

The specimen that I sent him will be forwarded to this entomologist to determine if indeed this might be a new species or not.