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Vive’s Philippine Cerambycidae, Part I

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Philippine Cerambycidae, Part I In 2005, Eduard Vives published his paper New or interesting Cerambycidae from Philippines, Part 1 (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) in the French entomological publication specializing on Coleoptera, Les Cahiers Magellanes. This was the result of his studies based on specimens that I and a good friend, Ismael Lumawig, sent him.

Thirteen species were included with 1 new combination and 5 new species of which I have contributed 4 of these. The species mentioned belonged to the subfamilies Cerambycinae and Lamiinae.

I do hope that this will lead to the continuation of Hudepohl’s ground breaking work and this time, covering the subfamilies not covered previously as well as updates.