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Nidella stanleyana VIVES 2005

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Nidella stanleyana VIVES 2005 The genus Nidella have not been previously recorded in the Philippines and it was a surprise that it occurs in the country.

In Vives’ paper New or interesting Cerambycidae from Philippines, part 1 (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae), he described this new species as Nidella stanleyana based on specimens that I have provided.

Collected in Bukidnon, island of Mindanao, these are rather small cerambycid beetles that are usually 7mm x 2mm small and can be captured during the months of March – May on the treetops during the flowering season.

This species is dimorphic, meaning that the males and females are different. The female has a pronounced red patch on the pronotum and a lighter and greenish elytral coloration while the male does not.

The closest related species is Nidella coomani GRESSITT & RONDON 1970 and is from Vietnam.

Its remarkable that this species is present here. This only supports the idea that there is still so much to discover in the country.