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Epipedocera cabigasiana VIVES 2005

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Epipedocera cabigasiana VIVES 2005 As indicated in the previous post, the genus Epipedocera occurrs in the country but is only represented by Epipedocera lunata NEWMAN 1842. In 2004, I was able to send some specimens to Eduard Vives for identification and study and fortunately, its a new species and he described it in his paper published in 2005. That is 163 years since Newman described E. lunata that a second Epipedocera species was found to occur in the country!

Epipedocera cabigasiana VIVES 2005 is another small species, about 6mm in length. Collected in Bukidnon, it coexists with E. lunata and Centrotoclytus helleri SCHWARZER 1926, another species with almost similar markings.