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Genus Xenocerus of family Anthribidae

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xenocerus.jpg Genus Xenocerus of subfamily Anthribidae fascinates me ever since I was able to collect several specimens. Maybe its the different patterns that I have observed in the different but few species that I have that is the source of this fascination.

Based from the specimens I have, it seems that the patterns for both male and female are just the same. Just like most beetle species, especially those from family Cerambycidae, males have longer antennae than the females. To the untrained eye, one may mistake this for a cerambycid which was the case for me when I first collected a specimen.

To date, I only have around 6 species from this genus with 5 already mounted and included in the gallery. Four were collected in Mindanao while one each was collected in Leyte and Bohol. I’m not really familiar with this genus and don’t have any literature pertaining to the species that can be found in this country.

  • Ismael


    I have old photos of the many species collected by my father and identified by Robert Frieser, the foremost specialist on Philippine Anthribidae. There are more or less 40-50 species identified to species level, belonging to the genus, Mecocerus, Xenocerus, Acorynus, Apolecta, Basitropis, Mecocerina, Mecotropis, Meganthribus, Nesiarra, Xylindes, etc…I think Robert has retired but still working on the group. No paper was kept on these group. They are really hard to obtain.


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