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Xenocerus scalaris JORDAN 1894

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Xenocerus scalaris JORDAN 1894 One of the earliest species of Xenocerus that I was able to collect is Xenocerus scalaris JORDAN 1894 which I have collected in various localities in Mindanao: the mountains surrounding Lake Sebu in South Cotabato, Bukidnon as well as in the mountainous areas of Misamis Oriental. When I first got this one, I mistook it for a cerambycid but it was only later, that I realized that it is not. If I had made a careful analysis of the placement of the antenna, I would not have erred.

I’m not sure the exact haunts and habits of this species or of Xenocerus in general but it seems, based on one collecting trip, can be found in dead and rotting trees.

Note. Photos not to scale.