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Dialeges sp. in the Philippines

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dialeges.jpg The genus Dialeges PASCOE 1856 in the Philippines is represented by only two, almost very similar species: Dialeges pauper PASCOE 1856 and Dialeges egenus PASCOE 1869. According to the key provided by Karl Hudepohl in his paper The Longhorn Beetles of the Philippines Part II, the two species can be separated by the following characteristics:


D. pauper: antennae fringed with hairs on the ventral face of segments 3 – 8

D. egenus: antennae fringed with hairs on ventral face of segments 7 – 8


D. pauper: antennal segment 4 distinctly shorter than 5

D. egenus: antennal segment 4 and 5 of equal length

As for the distribution, both species is not endemic to the country. D. pauper is found in Mindanao and probably Palawan (distribution data for this species is not that definite outside of Mindanao) while D. egenus is found in Mindanao, Luzon, Romblon, Leyte and probably Samar too. Sizes for both can be as small as 2 cm – as long as 4 and sometimes 5 cm.

NOTE: Photos are not to scale.