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Notes on Asian Callichromatini – I

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lescahiermagellane63.jpg Eduard Vives, J. Bentanachs and Chew Kea Foo published their paper Notes sur les Callichromatini asiatiques – I: Nouveaux genres et especes de Callichromatini du sud-est asiatique (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Callichromatini)* in Les Cahiers Magellanes No. 63. Here they describe three new genera (new combinations are formed), one new species and subspecies of longhorn beetles:

  • Podanychroma gen. nov.
  • Sumatrochroma gen. nov.
  • Pseudochelidonium gen. nov.
  • Leptosiella niasensis sumatrana ssp. nov.
  • Podanychroma moriatiae sp. nov.

As far as Philippine Coleoptera is concerned, the significant change here is only the new genus Podanychroma which is represented by P. monticola HUDEPOHL 1989, a new combination.

*Notes on Asian Callichromatini – I: New Genera and Species of Callichromatini in Southeast Asia