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Lander: Revision du genre Chrysodema, 2003

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The genus Chrysodema is a widely distributed buprestid species that is present from Sri Lank in the west to the Solomon Islands in the east; Japan in the north up to Northern Australia in the south. In the Philippines, it is found all over the archipelago with thirteen (13) species out of the known forty-seven (47). Four (4) of these are endemic. Percentage wise: 28% for those found in the country and the endemic species represents 9% overall species.

Tieri Lander’s long awaited Revision du genre Chrysodema (Revision on the Genus Chrysodema) is a welcome work that gave order to this often confused genus. Written in French and published by Magellanes, each species is treated exhaustively by listing where the species was first described, type material, synonyms, subspecies, a description and remarks as well as a distribution map. Several color photo plates consisting of 163 Chrysodema specimens, both mounted and some live can be found at the later part of the paper. General characteristics of the genus is also listed and illustrated with black and white photos. An identification key per species can also be found. Lastly, there is also illustrations of 42 aedeagi.

Except for a new subspecies, Chrysodema eximia kawamurai KUROSAWA, 1989 (but eventually synonymized), there are no new Philippine species. The last species described was Chrysodema snelliusi THERY, 1935, but again, synonymized. Looking at the list, the author synonymized (meaning, a described species was later declared as previously described and thus, the first declaration takes precedence) 26 species.

If only I can fully understand French, my problems of identification would have been lessened.