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Chrysodema eximia LAPORTE & GORY, 1835

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Chrysodema eximia LAPORTE & GORY, 1835, is one of the beautiful Chrysodema species that can be found in the country. This species is distributed in the island of Luzon and reaches as far as Taiwan. The coloration is not always constant. Variations occur ranging from a dark green, to golden green with some specimens having reddish tinge.

Yoshihiko Kurosawa described a new subspecies in his 1989 paper and named it Chrysodema eximia kawamurai in honor of a collector, Shun-ichi Kawamura, who brought him specimens that were collected in Camiguin Is., Babuyan Group. His reason for the new description was that the specimens were entirely coppery to greenish coppery compared to the bright green to golden green of the nominotypical race known. However, Lander in his paper synonymized this as just a variation. Chrysodema intercostata SAUNDER 1874 is another synonym.