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F. Vitali’s identification of some Cacia sp.

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A few weeks ago, I received an email from Francesco Vitali, an Italian entomologist based in Italy who works on the family Ceramycidae and has been in touch with me from time to time. He is studying the cerambycid species of the genus Cacia of the tribe Mesosini. From his remarks, he identified three of my Cacia sp. found at the gallery. The species are, right to left, photo above:

  • Cacia (Ipocregyes) imogenae HUDEPOHL 1989
  • Cacia (Ipocregyes) butuana HELLER 1923
  • Cacia (Ipocregyes) vermiculata mindanaonis BREUNING 1980

He has some doubts, however, regarding the exact placement of C. butuana HELLER 1923 since he indicated that Breuning, a towering figure in the study of Cerambycidae, placed this species (and C. inculta) in the subgenus Cacia and Corethrophora. Of the 12 species that I have in the gallery, all from Mindanao, these are the only ones that have been identified.