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Revision of Anoplophora – Lingafelter & Hoebeke, 2002

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revisionofanoplophora.jpg The Entomological Society of Washington published, in book form, the Revision of Anoplophora (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) authored by Steven W. Lingafelter and E. Richard Hoebeke (2002). Here, they studied the known 36 different species of this Asian genus as well as introduced several changes by way of new synonymies and combinations. For the purposes of this post, I will only focus on the Philippines species cited of which, there are 6 species listed:

A. lucipor, A. mamaua, A. tianaca and A. asuanga are Philippine endemics and are found in major islands. Generally, the elytral markings consists of round white or yellowish patches of pubescence varying in density and size depending on the species. However, it was indicated in the paper that these are almost related to each other that if there is a good number of specimens to form a series, the taxonomy of the Philippine Anoplophora might be clearly addressed.

The authors synonymized a subspecies described by Hudepohl in 1989. Except for A. lucipor, the other 3 species were named by Schultze based from three nocturnal folklore creatures which are regarded as minions of the devil: mamaw, tianak and asuang. Unfortunately, the type specimens that were kept at the Bureau of Science in Manila were totally destroyed in WWII with all of Schultze’s types gone forever.

A. chinensis and A. davidis are not native to the country but were included by the authors as these were reported to have been found here. These two species might have been probably introduced via wooden crates used in transporting Chinese goods. I’m not sure if currently, this has established a foothold.

  • Jon Richfield

    Your book looks like a fine piece of work, but I think that when you publish links of this sort it is good policy to include the necessary material for a proper citation, in particular the ISBN.

  • Jon, this book was published by the authors and, I think, ISBN is also available.