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Anoplophora lucipor NEWMAN 1842

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A. lucipor NEWMAN 1842 Anoplophora lucipor NEWMAN 1842 is a beautiful cerambycid species that is known only in the island of Luzon where specimens have been collected in Bicol, Aurora and Bataan, to mention some localities. This is almost similar to A. asuanga and A. tianaca but the differing characteristics are:

  • spots along the elytral suture meet together
  • numerous small spots of whitish pubescence scattered between larger, rounded spots of pubescence
  • integumental iridescence is more pronounced, either with green or violet
  • female antennae does not extend to the apex of the elytra

It should be noted that the size as well as the elytral maculations are varied.

Newman added this species, the second in the genus, in 1842. In 1989, Hudepohl described a new subspecies as A. lucipor lumawigi which was collected in the Mountain Province by Romeo Lumawig but Lingafelter and Hoebeke, in their revision of the genus in 2002, synonymized it. Like the other three Anoplophora species in the country, the two authors indicate that there is not enough material to fully understand its taxonomic placement and thus retain the current species designations.