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Live Macrophysis luzona found in Rizal province

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I received an email from Deng of Rizal province saying that she got a beetle in her house and when I asked for a photo, I was just amazed at what she got: a prionine beetle! Intrigued at what species it might be, I arranged to visit her even if its a few hours from Makati. Two days later and after about 6 hours on the road, round trip, I was back at home with my prized specimen which at that time, was already weakened from a few days of being placed inside a wooden box.

I checked Hudepohl’s Longhorn Beetles of the Philippines and basing on the key and characteristics, the cerambycid is Macrophysis luzona FABRICIUS 1775.

M luzona is not a rare species but not too common either. I first collected one back in October 06 in Bulacan while doing some photography work. However, I still haven’t set it.

The species is known to be distributed in the islands of Luzon, Marinduque, Mindoro and Mindanao. Its really a large beetle and if one is not too familiar with the characteristics, might easily be confused with the genus Anomophysis of which there are two species in the country.

  • Joy Curilan

    hello! is this kind endemic here in the Philippines? 🙂 i chanced upon a dead one and asked the bugman in “what’s that bug” website, and he gave me the name that’s why i was able to google it. i’m glad to discover there’s a website like yours! 🙂 kabayan pa! thanks!

  • i think its endemic 🙂