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Probably new species of Acronioglenea?

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Breuning in 1974 described a new subgenus of Glenea and named it Acronioglenea based on characters found. The unique form of the pronotum which was carinated at the middle, form of the elytra and overall metallic shine led to this description. The species was named Glenea (Acronioglenea) besucheti and was collected from Luzon.

Vives in 2005 proposed the elevation of the subgenus to genus level in his paper New or interesting Cerambycidae from Philippines, part 1 (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae). He was able to get the second specimen of the species, this time from Laguna (leg. Lumawig).

A few days ago, while I was redesigning the gallery page of Tribe Saperdini, I was just surprised to find, what I believe, are three species of Acronioglenea in my collection! From the three images above (not to scale):

  • Acronioglenea besucheti? (left) from Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, now with E Vives for study
  • Acronioglenea sp.? (middle and right) from Mindanao

The elytral markings of the specimen from Ilocos Norte agrees with the one photograph in Vives’ paper. As for the two, the form matches the first and I have a feeling that these are two new species of the genus as Acronioglenea. As of now, it is only represented with A. besucheti BREUNING 1974.

UPDATE: Eduard emailed me that indeed, one is A. besucheti while the other two are new.