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Tiger beetle parcel finally arrived

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The tiger beetle parcel that I sent to Fabio Cassola, world specialist on Cicindelidae, last year has finally arrived. I didn’t expect it to be in such a big box but I was surprised that the specimens were already mounted. Well, a lesson for me since when I mailed these before, even with a few mounted beetles, it was not double boxed, meaning, the container holding the specimens were not placed inside a bigger container with padding. When he received it, Fabio emailed me informing that some were broken.

Consisting of 12 mounted and 40 unmounted specimens, not all were returned as some were deposited in his collection. This include the possibly new species of Calomera from Mindanao. Fabio identified these as belonging to 19 species:

Tricondyla (Tricondyla) punctipennis Chevrolat, 1841 (Cebu and Homonhon)
Tricondyla (Tricondyla) ventricosa Schaum, 1862 (Luzon)
Tricondyla (Tricondyla) conicicollis Chaudoir, 1844 (Leyte and Luzon)
Tricondyla (Tricondyla) gracilis Naviaux, 2002 (Mindanao)
Tricondyla (Stenotricondyla) cyanipes Eschscholtz, 1829 (Marinduque)
Tricondyla (Pseudotricondyla) planiceps Schaum, 1862 (Luzon)
Neocollyris (Neocollyris) albitarsis (Erichson, 1834) (Marinduque & Luzon)
Neocollyris (Neocollyris) bonellii (Guérin-M.) ssp. paraguensis (W. Horn, 1894) (Homonhon & Mindanao)
Heptodonta melanopyga Schaum, 1862 (Luzon)
Calomera angulata (Fabricius, 1798) (Luzon)
Calomera mindanaoensis Cassola, 2000 (Bucas Grande)
Calomera cabigasi n. sp. (decemguttata Fabricius, 1801?) (Mindanao)
Lophyra (Spilodia) striolata (Illiger, 1800) ssp. (Mindanao)
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) milanae Wiesner, 1992 (Mindanao)
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) darlingtonia Cassola & Ward, 2004 (Luzon & Mindanao)
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) virginalis (W. Horn, 1901) (Cebu)
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) interposita (W. Horn, 1892) (Luzon)
Cylindera (Ifasina) fabiocassola (Wiesner, 1989) (Coron)
Cylindera (Ifasina) discreta (Schaum) ssp. elaphroides (Dokhtouroff, 1882) (Mindanao)