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A possible new species of Phoracanthini

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Hudepohl in his survey of Philippine Cerambycinae, The Longhorn Beetles of the Philippines Part II, only mentioned the existence of Coptocercus quatuordecimsignatus SCHWARZER 1926 as the only cerambycid beetle from the tribe Phoracanthini. However, during a collecting trip in Misamis Oriental, I was able to catch this longhorn beetle which Eduard Vives said is from this tribe.

If so, this will be the second species to be found in the country and perhaps, possibly a new one.

March 2009 update: In Vives’s paper, Cerambicidos nuevos o interesantes de Filipinas (Part II) (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae), he identified this as Paraskeletodes gracilis AURIVILLIUS 1927 which is a new record for the Philippines.