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Philippine Parandra sp. update

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I got great news regarding the Parandra sp. found in the country! I just got an email from Dan Heffern that their study (together with Antonio Santos-Silva) of Parandrinae in Asia has yielded 4-5 new species belonging to a new genus! Isn’t that great?

In the Philippines, Hudepohl, in his The Longhorn Beetles of the Philippines Part II, included Parandra janus BATES 1875, the only one to occur in the country. With this new development, the Parandrinae fauna will be increased.

As the two entomologists are still continuing with their study, more specimens from the country are needed. I will send mine when I will get back to Cebu. In the meantime, I have photographed the heads of the different specimens I have and will be posting it soon. When my notebook computer will be okay. 🙂