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A probable undescribed Psilomerus sp.

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Psilomerus sp. There are only two species of Psilomerus species described in the Philippines: P. brachialis CHEVROLAT 1863 and P. lumawigi HUDEPOHL 1992 from Romblon. Like the other many species of the genus found in Borneo, each elytron of the latter species has a white strip of tomentum almost running the entire length. What is unique about the Romblon species is that the pronotum is red, as written by the author.

This one, collected in Mindanao and is in my collection for quite a number of years now is different with its pronotum black. Can this be an undescribed species? Considering the not so known Coleoptera fauna of the country, especially with tribe Clytini*, its possible. There is a need for more collections in several islands. Palawan might yield interesting specimens considering that Borneo has these species.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been studied yet.

*The last major listing of Tribe Clytini (Cerambycinae, Cerambycidae) was done by Aurivillius in his paper Revision of the Philippine Species of the Clytini (Coleoptera, Longicornia) published at the Philippine Journal of Science in 1928. From that year until Hudepohl’s Longhorn Beetle of the Philippines III (Entomofauna Zeitschrift fur Entomologie, 1992) and from that paper until now, none have been described!