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I’ve finally done redesigning pages of 4 families

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After a few months since I started redesigning this website using cascading style sheet (CSS), I’ve finally done half of the families: Cerambycidae, Buprestidae, Carabidae and Anthribidae. This entailed redoing the gallery and species pages. As I added a signature to each individual species images, I also need to process again the photos either direct from the RAW file or if it’s not available, edit it from the jpeg or, gasp, reshoot the specimen again! Wow, it’s really much, much work that has kept me occupied!

With these four already done, there are still 4 to do: Scarabaeidae, Curculionidae, Cicindelidae and Lucanidae. And it ain’t easy. A good portion needs to be reshot and I still have to sort out some mistakes in the identification or grouping. Well, in due time, this will be finished, including the various checklists.