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Five new images of Agrilinae added to gallery

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Five new images have been added to my Agrilinae gallery based on specimens that I have collected a few years ago but haven’t photographed until last month. The first two were collected in Mindanao while the remaining three from Luzon.

Unlike with Cerambycidae where I generally have references and the contacts that help me in the identification, I’m quite in a bind when it comes to the Buprestidae, much more with the Agrilinae.

I’m not really sure as to the identification down to species level of these five specimens but I think that one to three (top and left, second row) might be Agrilus, a rather common genus that is well represented in different islands in the country. I’m not sure about the fourth (right, second row). The fifth might be under genus Trachys Endelus. It is the first time I have seen and collected this one and really, upon close inspection, its form is quite unique.

So far, I have collected all these from two major islands only.

  • Jiri Prokop

    Beetle in the last picture is a Endelus species.

  • jiri, thanks.