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Revision du genre Anubis THOMSON 1864

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The long awaited Revision de genre Anubis Thomson, 1864 by Vives, Bentanachs and Juhel has been published by Magellanes last September. This is the latest work by the three author-entomologists of which, Vives and Bentanachs are doing a revision of Southeast Asian Callichromatini (Cerambycidae).

The work features all the known members (23 species and two subspecies) of the genus from both the Oriental and Ethiopian regions and includes 53 beautiful photos as well as some genitalia illustrations. The Philippines is represented by a lone species, Anubis manillarum CHEVROLAT 1838. This species have been listed by several authors like Hayashi and Hudepohl as A. bifasciatus NEWMAN 1842.