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Anubis manillarum CHEVROLAT 1838

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Anubis manillarum CHEVROLAT 1838 Of the 23 species of Anubis in the Oriental and Ethiopian region, the Philippines is represented with only one: Anubis manillarum CHEVROLAT 1838.

This species is typically 20mm in length and like other species of Tribe Callichromatini, day flying. Latest works by authors like Hudepohl and Hayashi have placed this speces as Anubis bifasciatus NEWMAN 1842, but Vives, Bentanachs and Juhel in their latest work, Revision du genre Anubis Thomson 1864, revised this to to reflect the original description which was preceded by Chevrolat.

It has been recorded in Luzon (this specimen was collected in Cavite) and Mindanao. Curiosly, none have been collected in the Visayan Islands. There hasn’t been any record either of the genus in Palawan and Borneo considering that several species occur in mainland Southeast Asia including Peninsular Malaysia. Maybe a species is/are awaiting discovery?