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1 ruteline and 2 cerambycid beetles at home

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Just the other day, I was quite surprised to find, just a day apart, two cerambycid and one rutelid beetles on the curtain just within the confines of my screened room. How these got inside is a puzzle for me but anyway, these are still interesting specimens as I don’t have much beetles from Cebu, especially longhorns and I don’t think that the coleoptera fauna of the island province is well studied.

During the Spanish colonial period, especially in the 19the century, much of Cebu’s forests were already cut down to open the lands to the sugar industry. Much earlier, though unconfirmed, it is said to have been the source in building some of the galleons that plied the Manila – Acapulco route from the late 16th to early 19th centuries.¬†

Popillia sp.

This greenish brown Popillia sp. was just hanging and stood motionless for much of the day. It is about a centimeter long.

Apomecynini sp.?

Probably an Apomecynini sp. about 1.5 centimeters long.

Cerambycid beetle

This is a composite photo of the same beetle showing side and elytra. I’m not sure but it might be a Pterolophia sp. or some other Apomecynini species.