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Probably undescribed species of Bolboceratidae

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Roberto Mignani of Roma Tre sent me an email regarding the Bolboceratidae in the Philippines as he has seen it in the gallery page. According to him, this group is not officially (not published in literature) known. However, he has in his collection, Bolbochromus catenatus from Luzon. These two species shown here is from Mindanao and is not B. catenatus. According to him, these are quite rare and species of this group feed on underground mushrooms.

Shown here are Bolbelasmus sp. (right) and Bolbochromus sp. (left). Genus was determined by F vas-de-Mello.

  • Lydia

    Congratulations Estan!
    They’re a pair of beauties.
    So, get ready for a name.
    I hope it gets published soon.

    BTW, I love those shirts.
    But I will wait for the the pair of Bolbos.