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The Curculionidae gallery page now redesigned

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Curculionidae gallery page Finally, I have finished redesigning all Curculionidae gallery pages. What took me so long was the group Metapocyrtus which had so many images to be resized and processed. Add to that the arrangment of 57 individual photos to fit in one page, the biggest so far in this site, belonging to the group and really, it’s kind of bloody.

However, looking at the new layout of this family’s page and you will just be amazed at the spectacular colors and patterns especially those in the Tribe Pachyrrhynchini. It’s like looking at a lightbox of beautiful specimens.

Star of the group is of course, those under the genus Pachyrrhynchus of which there are several images from different parts of the country both identified and unidentified. It is then followed by the genus Metapocyrtus, other Pachyrrhynchini species, Alcidodes (group 1 and 2) and Celebia genera and finally, other Curculionid species that took my fancy.