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New scarabaeidae photos in salagubang.net

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I have added new scarabaeidae photos in this site, ten in fact including the aedeagi.

My Xyoltrupes gideon philippinensis ENDROEDI 1957 (right) has been with me for quite a while but haven’t taken a photo of it. This specimen from Luzon showing the dorsal and lateral views was given to me by a friend who got many specimens from Bataan.

Papuana lansbergei SCHAUFUSS 1887 is a small dynastid beetle from Mindanao that I’ve got a few years ago. It’s rather uncommon and is usually collected during night especially with lights. I added two views of the same aedeagus of the male to illustrate it. In most scarabs, this part is one key element in identifying it down to species level. Especially helpful in a number of Protaetia and Parastasia genera and others from the subfamilies Melolonthinae and Rutelinae.

The third dynastid beetle photos that I’ve added is the lateral and head view of Oryctes gnu MOHNIKE 1874, a bigger, more robust and rarer species compared to it’s relative, O. rhinocerus LINNAEUS 1758. This was collected in Mindanao.

I’ve added three images of Glycyphana (Caloglycyphana) rubromarginata MOHNIKE 1873 consisting of a female, male and its aedeagus (male sexual organ).

Lastly, a Dasyvalgus sp. completes the list. The subfamily Valgiinae in the Philippines is represented with only a few species of which this genus comprises the biggest, consisting of around eight small species less than a centimeter long. I’m not sure what this is but since it was collected in Busuanga it might probably be D. palawanus. But I still have to check the literature to confirm this one.