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The genus Engertia in the Philippines

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The genus Engertia DALLA TORRE 1912 (Melolonthinae, Scarabaeidae) consists of five described species from Sri Lanka to New Guinea. In the Philippines, one is described while two are new and undescribed species. As listed in Denis Keith’s paper Reflexions sur le Genre Engertia et description d’une nouvelle espece des Philippines (Col. Scarabaeoidea Melolonthidae) (Lambillionea, 2006), the genus has the following species:

  • maculosa BRENSKE 1896 (Sri Lanka)
  • amboinae BRENSKE 1897 (Moluccas)
  • papuana MOSER 1913 (New Guinea)
  • setifera MOSER 1913 (Moluccas)
  • lii KEITH 2006 (Philippines – Leyte and Palawan Islands)

Engertia lii KEITH 2006

This species also occurs in the island of Mindanao where my specimen was collected. Judging from the localities where this species occur, it might be found nationwide as Leyte and Palawan represents two different biogeographical regions (faunal regions) with the latter considered part of Sundaland.

The light colored pubescent markings on the pronotum and elytra are quite delicate and are easily rubbed off and I have collected other specimens where the pronotum is almost bare.

Engertia sp.

According to Keith, the two specimens from Luzon and Mindanao, respectively, shown here are still undescribed. The author might publish his study later once additional specimens are available.