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A Schmidtiana sp. from Panay.

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panay_schmidtiana Thanx to my friend Jean Louis Boudant, who I have the pleasure of meeting last month, a female Schmidtiana species was made available to me. It came from Panay Island and I was excited that this might be a new species. However, upon checking my literature, Vives and Niisato described in 2004 S. boudanti. In their paper, the said species occurs in both Negros and Panay. No specific localities were indicated, however.

The genus Schmidtiana consists of six species from various islands representing five of the seven faunal regions in the Philippines. The Luzon region has two species with one occuring in Marinduque: S. sasajii NIISATO 2007 and S. ilocana SCHULTZE 1920 (first described as Pachyteria ilocana) from Luzon. S. gertrudis HUDEPOHL 1983 represents Mindanao; S. palawana SCHULTZE 1922 for Palawan and S. legrandi HUET & MORATI 2003 for Leyte and Samar. No Schmidtiana species have yet been found for the Sulu and Mindoro faunal regions.

Is this S. boudanti? Most likely. Eduard gave me one last year that was collected in Panay, a female, and its just similar to it.