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A Batocera rubus rendezvous in Real, Quezon

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Batocera rubus mniszechi

Batocera rubus mniszechi

A male and female Batocera rubus mniszechi

I was in Real, Quezon lately for some photo documentary work and was able to venture into Cawayan Falls. While trekking in the morning into some forested area, I was just amazed that on a stump of wood, evidence of a cleared area for cultivation, a pair of Batocera rubus mniszechi THOMSON 1864 was getting ready for a copulation. I hurriedly got my camera and took some images.

This longhorn beetle is rather common in Luzon and it is identifiable by its pair of red markings located on it’s pronotum, generally darker color, as well as the spots on it’s elytra. It’s a medium sized Batocera (Batocerini, Lamiinae) species, about 50mm in length excluding the antennae. Subspecies mniszechi is on of two found in the country. The other is ssp. palawanica KAUP 1866 found in, well, Palawan Island.

What differentiates this from Batocera magica THOMSON 1859 is just the presence of the red pronotal spots. As for range, both species are not sympatric. B. rubus is found only in Luzon and Palawan while B. magica is found in Mindanao, Bohol, Camotes and Leyte (and maybe Samar and Cebu too).