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A new Parandra species will be named after me

A new downloadable ebook. Check it out!

The Southeast Asian Cerambycid subfamily Parandrinae is undergoing a general revision and is currently being studied by a South American entomologist, Antonio Santos-Silva. From a previous post, wherein I first emailed images, I eventually sent seven specimens from my collection through Dan Heffern, and the feedback? VERY GOOD NEWS!

All are new to Science and belongs to two species (figured here) of which five specimens is the latest addition that will bring Philippine Parandrinae to seven new species. As these came from me, the author will name it in my honor. AHEM.

I’m just too excited.

  • Wow, okay yun ah. Congrats Estan!

  • Dave General

    Are the holotypes going to be repatriated? Perhaps to be deposited in the University of San Carlos collection? And you should be able to designate depositories of the paratypes, including large and accessible museums like the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard and your personal collection.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Dave, I don’t think the holotype will be repatriated but three paratypes will be returned to me. As of now, I don’t see any good depository in the Philippines, even at the museum of the University of San Carlos where some holotypes of flies were “stolen.”

  • Thanx nina 🙂

  • Great news, congrats Estan!

    I agree – if there is no secure depository in Philippines the holotypes should go somewhere else. I hope you have given thought to where your collection will go when you, ahem… leave this world.


  • Dave General

    That is not the reason for keeping the holotype out of the Philippines. The holotype should eventually be repatriated. My newly-described ant species are going to be deposited at UPLB-MNH c/o Dr. Jun Lit. I also have many (40+) potential holotypes at the MCZ, Harvard. All those specimens will eventually be repatriated after scientific description.
    You might consider depositing a paratype at the MCZ as well.

  • @ted, well, I have thought about it before but can’t still find an answer 🙂

    @dave, that would be ideal but i think, for now, it’s a touchy issue especially that some of the holotypes that came from me are at an author’s collection.