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New photos: Metapocyrtus (Artapocyrtus) quadriplagiatus ROELOFS 1874

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The gallery page has new photos added from specimens that I have collected in Real, Quezon. A male and two females of Metapocyrtus (Artapocyrtus) quadriplagiatus ROELOFS 1874 makes up this latest addition. I decided to illustrate two female variations: one, with the typical elytral design that is also found in the male. Another with two small spots between the basal and apical markings. I have also shown a lateral view of one of the females to illustrate the conical projection just below the head.

Metapocyrtus (Artapocyrtus) quadriplagiatus ROELOFS 1874 This characteristic seems to be typical of the subgenus Artapocyrtus of which there are about 14 species found in different islands from Luzon to Mindanao. The other species that I have, the beautiful Metapocyrtus (Artapocyrtus) derasocobaltinus HELLER 1912, found in Samar and Leyte islands, has the same ventral projection.