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A redesign of Salagubang.net blog is now in effect

A new downloadable ebook. Check it out!

This is the new main page of salagubang.net

This is the new main page of salagubang.net

This site’s blog has just gotten a major makeover with the implementation of a new redesign of the wordpress theme. This is the Salagubang theme that I have been planning for months to do but got to make it only the other day. The major change is that I have extended the width from 760px to 960px to accommodate a general sidebar that will later be included in the non blog pages. This sidebar will be used for additional content or features that I will add later.

The main page was also replaced from HTML to a wordpress blog page. Using the Nextgen plugin, a flash based slideshow gallery becomes the focal point. The header has also been revamped. One of my problems in the previous design was the lack of space for the menu bar. That’s why some items in the blog section were not included in the HTML pages section. This time, I’ve changed it and is now complete.

The design will eventually be carried over to all the HTML based pages but it might take some time because of the number and editing that will be needed to fully implement it.