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5 new cerambycid species from my collection to be described and published

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I got good news from Eduard that he is now preparing the third part of his study of new Philippine Cerambycidae that will be published probably later this year. Of the 15 new and interesting species, five came from my collection.

Some notes:

*Parazosne cabigasi VIVES sp. nov., is named after me. I originally placed this as Acronioglenea sp. in this post.

**He will also be describing a new genus, Cristaphanes VIVES gen. nov. which will have C. filipinensis VIVES sp. nov. as the species. As he emailed, it was supposed to be under genus Lasiophanes but since it is an occupied name, he will describe a new one.

***Epipedocera kalingana VIVES sp. nov. (from Kalinga province) brings to three the number of species under the genus. I first posted about this one here.

****Finally, the Polyzonus species that I have posted previously and erroneously identified as Podanychroma monticola HUDEPOHL 1989 will now be described as Polyzonus bentanachsi VIVES sp. nov. in honor of Joan Bentanachs.

Below are the species from my collection that will be included.