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Two new and important papers on the Pachyrrhynchine weevil beetle genus Metapocyrtus

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The tribe Pachyrrhynchini is one of the spectacular curculionid beetles in the Philippines with the genus Pachyrrhynchus, the star of the group, dazzling many entomologists and collectors alike. There are also allied genera of which, one of the biggest is the genus Metapocyrtus. Less spectacular as the former but interesting nonetheless.

Not since W Schultze, then the director of the Bureau of Science in Manila published his last work on the tribe in 1934, the study of these magnificent beetles, where Philippine occurring species are specifically mentioned, has been sporadic:

Early this year, Sheng Yap (University Extension Specialist, Museum of Natural History, University of the Philippines Los BaƱos) got in touch with me and sent me two new and significant papers of the genus Metapocyrtus, a god send, considering the dearth of papers on the group:

I will be detailing these two papers in two succeeding posts.

  • So cool to see papers being published on these beautiful weevils. Can you give full citations and/or links to where we may be able to obtain them?

  • Hi Samuel, I have the papers in question. I don’t know if its available online.