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Filipinmulciber breuningi VIVES 2009

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Paratype of Filipinmulciber breuningi VIVES 2009

Paratype of Filipinmulciber breuningi VIVES 2009

In Eduard Vives’ paper, Cerambicidos nuevos o interesantes de Filipinas (Part II) (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) he described a new genus, Filipinmulciber with F. breuningi as the type species. I first collected this longhorn beetle in 2005 up in Ifugao during a climb. At first, since I was not so much familiar with the characteristics of Homoenini especially the form of the lateral pronotum, I thought that this was a form related to Doliops. Not until Eduard published the said paper that I realized this is not related to the latter genus.

Eduard first collected his specimen, which became the type, last 2008 during our collecting trip in Banaue. According to his description of the new genus, Filipinmulciber belongs to the Bumetopides LACORDAIRE group because of the morphology of the mesosternum. The form of the pronotum and the head is akin to Metamulciber BREUNING and Mulciber PASCOE but its morphology separates it from the two genera.

The type species, F. breuningi VIVES 2009 was dedicated by the author to his mentor, Dr. Stephan von Breuning (1894-1983).