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New Pachyrrhynchini species and checklist pages

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The tribe Pachyrrhynchini, especially the Metapocyrtus complex as well as genus Pachyrrhynchus GERMAR 1824 always fascinate me. In fact, I really would like to study this group and, perhaps, write papers/descriptions in the future. My main problem though is that I don’t have access to the type specimens which are mostly in Europe. I’m not really sure how to go about this one but for the past week, I kept myself busy updating this site. I’ve been going through Yap & Gapud’s (2007), Yap’s (2008) papers on the Metapocyrtus as well as the Coleopterorum Catalogus of Dalla Torre and van Emden (1931) and, really, I just feel that this group needed to be updated. Looking at my collection, there are still lots of species that need to be described. For the meantime, I already included the checklist of the Metapocyrtus complex, based on the Yap paper; and the genus Pachyrrhynchus based on the Coleopterorum Catalogus, Schultze’s and Heller’s 1934 papers and input from Paul Siraudeau a few years ago regarding Voss’s paper. New identified pachyrrhynchine beetles are also included: Metapocyrtus (Sclerocyrtus) celestinoi SCHULTZE 1925, Pachyrrhynchus congestus PASCOE 1871 and Pachyrrhynchus inclytus var. modestior BEHRENS 1887.