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Pachyrrhynchus speciosus samarensis and its mimic, Doliops sp.

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Pachyrrhynchus speciosus samarensis - model species

Pachyrrhynchus speciosus samarensis - model species

A still unidentified Doliops species

Undescribed Doliops species - mimic (female)

Unidentified Doliops species - model (male)

Undescribed Doliops species - model (male)

The genus Doliops (family Cerambycidae) is known not only for its uniqueness but also for its mimetic relationship with genus Pachyrrhynchus (family Curculionidae).

Pachyrrhynchus speciosus samarensis is present in the islands of Samar, probably Leyte as well as in Mindanao where it is a new record for the species. It is sympatric with P. speciosus prompting me to raise my doubts in a previous post. Like it’s primary species, it has also it’s own Doliops species mimic that is still undescribed.