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New status of Nemophas ramosi SCHULTZE 1920

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Nemophas ramosi SCHULTZE 1920

Nemophas ramosi SCHULTZE 1920, new status

My thanks to Francesco Vitali who sent me his paper co-authored with Vitali Nagirnyi entitled Nemophas ramosi SCHULTZE, 1920 A Forgotten Philippine Species (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) which tackles the long overdue status revision of this species which has been, according to the authors, erroneously synonymized and treated by Breuning. This paper, published by Lambillionea, corrects this and gives a new key to the genus.

Initially described by W. Schultze of the Bureau of Science in Manila as N. rosenbergii ramosi in 1920 as published in the Philippine Journal of Science entitled Eight Contribution to the Coleoptera Fauna of the Philippines, the two authors find enough unique physical markings to separate it from N. rosenbergii RITSEMA 1881 which is found in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

The paper lists 16 species of which three occur in the Philippines:

  • Nemophas ramosi SCHULTZE 1920 (Mindanao)
  • Nemophas subterrubens SCHULTZE 1924, and (Samar)
  • Nemophas subcylindricus AURIVILLIUS 1927 (Mindanao and Luzon)

Curiously, the genus is found only on three inter related faunal regions in the country: Luzon, Samar/Leyte subregion and Mindanao.