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Two undescribed species of Pachyrrhynchus and its Metapocyrtus mimic species from Mt. Matutum

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Undescribed Pachyrrhynchus sp., female

Undescribed Metapocyrtus sp., female

I have collected only once on the lower flanks of Mt. Matutum, South Cotabato a few years ago and it was in this mountain where I was able to get two almost similar species of Pachyrrhynchini, both undescribed. The first one is a Pachyrrhynchus sp. and the second is its mimic Metapocyrtus. It was rather unusual since these two species were collected on a few trees in a clearing that clearly used to be forest.

The resemblance is striking. Except for the greener color of the Metapocyrtus sp., the stripes match well with the Pachyrrhynchus species mimic.