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A new and interesting Salagubang ebook for download

A new downloadable ebook. Check it out!

A new downloadable ebook focusing on the genus Pachyrhynchus and its mimics

It’s here! The first downloadable ebook from salagubang.net is now available: A Folio of Genus Pachyrhynchus GERMAR Model and its Mimics.

This half letter, 54 page ebook is sure to delight collectors and entomologists. It consists of an introduction and of course, full page images of 16 Pachyrrhynchus beetles and a corresponding number of their mimics from different genera: Metapocyrtus, Eupyrgops, Polycatus, all from family Curculionidae and the very interesting Doliops and Paradoliops genera, family Cerambycidae. Thumbnail images are also included.

You can check out a sampler by clicking the link below.

Get the full version of the ebook for just $6. Proceeds will go to support future collecting trips around the country as well as take care of website hosting expenses. Click the link below. I’m still fine tuning an e-commerce plugin. Once it’s setup, ordering will be smooth. For the meantime, it will be manual ordering.

Buy the full ebook

Email me your receipt at estancabigas [at] gmail [dot] com. Once I have confirmed your payment, I will send you the ebook.

  • Can I just pay you in Philippine pesos? Hehe. I’m in Italy right now but I can have someone at home send money to your bank account.

    Jeez, Estan, you got me hooked on these beautiful beetles! Now if only I can have the courage to touch them…

  • Johannes Kevin Lim

    to the person in charge…

    does the full ebook of genus pachyrhynchus model and its mimic has a methodology of how you catch and collect with the site sampling of those beetles in the Philippines?, cause I might buy it, need for my thesis also about mimicry of coleoptera beetles.. please reply I badly need it.