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A few beetles collected in Batad, Banaue

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Spectacular scenery but kind of disappointing for beetles

I was trekking in Batad, Banaue, Ifugao to visit the spectacular Batad Rice Terraces, a UNESCO World Heritage listed site, and I was hoping to collect a few beetles especially Pachyrrhynchini weevils.

Even if I didn’t have a net or collecting gear, it was kind of dismal with so few Coleoptera sighted along the way from Batad Junction to Batad town and then to Tappia Falls.

I was only able to collect a few species like two Metapocyrtus sp. (Curculionidae), several specimens of Engertia (Scarabaeidae), a few species of Melolonthinae (Scarabaeidae), collected at light during the night, and one, surprisingly beautiful Glenea species. There were no Pachyrhynchus collected but when I went down, I saw one species at one high branch which was just too far to reach.

I’m not really sure why there were so few. Perhaps this was due to the inclement weather during the time I was there considering that it was during the month of May. This area, by the way, is forested and is near Mt. Amuyao, the highest mountain in the place.

  • Hey Estan!

    I chanced upon this site while browsing the Eksalife website (I’m also an associate).I was blown away by all the beautiful beetles and the stories you tell. I never knew beetles could be so colorful! I was quite the nerd in elementary school and was obsessed with finding new species and having them named after me! But, since I’m a bit of an insectophobe, I can hardly touch these critters. I also turned out to be a psychologist rather than a biologist (well, I did do great in basic biology).

    I’m managing a native house restoration project in Batad, and would love to host you during a future beetle expedition there. I’ve seen a couple of Stag beetles at night there, together with a zillion moths.

    Keep up the brilliant work. Hope to see more “cabigas” and “estan” beetles in the future!

  • Hi Rae,

    Thank you very much for your offer. I would definitely take on your offer. By the way, I was in Batad last May 🙂

  • So, where in Batad have you been to? There’s a pretty rainforest on the way to Patpat. I’m sure we can find beetles there! I’ll be back in the Philippines around July next year. I’m not much of a mountain climber but I can make an effort to keep up!

  • Sorry pala I didn’t tell you na next year pa. I’m studying for a Master’s in Food Culture and Communication here in Italy. I plan to develop some sort of food-related tourism project with rice as the focus. It will hopefully be featured in Eksalife.

    However, if you get an assignment here in the Turin area of Italy, I’d be glad to host you also!