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An Alcidodes sp. in the wilds of Bohol

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A beautiful Alcidodes sp. on its foodplant

While waiting for the Tarsier Center to open at 9 AM in Corella, Bohol, me and my friend Eduard, who was in the country for a few weeks vacation, checked the surrounding vegetation for beetles. It was dismal, so to speak, and unusual, that on a sunny day, there wasn’t much beetle activity going on.

While walking, however, I came up to this plant where there were several Alcidodes sp. with yellowish spots feeding on the leaves. Some were just clinging on one side and when I came close, hid by going to the leaf’s underside. This kind of Alcidodes is one of three groups that Schultze categorized.

Vegetation where the Alcidodes sp. was photographed

The area is a mix of secondary forest and clearings especially along the road. It is a known habitat of the tarsier (Tarsius syrichta), a primate common in this province. Other than this species, I was also able to collect two Metapocyrtus sp..