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An Inordinate Fondness #7: Beetles beautiful

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Beetles. I’ve been amazed at these marvelous and interesting insects, that, though the biggest insect order, and for a tropical country, here in the Philippines, is often overlooked.

For the 7th edition of An Inordinate Fondness blog carnival, which salagubang.net is hosting, let’s focus on the beautiful and interesting species that I’ve found in several blogs.

Cycnotrchelus sp., male by KURT

Kurt of Malaysia has very interesting giraffe beetle (Cycnotrchelus sp.) images. I’ve only seen a few species here in the field but the macro photographer was even able to photograph a female building its nest!

Calosoma scrutator by ALEX WILD

Rhopalapion longirostre by ALEX WILD

Alex Wild a.k.a. Myrmecos had an encounter with the fiery searcher, Calosoma scrutator that, according to him, is a stinker.

In the same blog, he has another beautiful beetle shot, this time, its the Hollyhock weevil, Rhopalapion longirostre laying an egg on a flower bud.

Lycus arizonensis by DAVE STONE

Dave Stone presents us with a lycid, Lycus arizonensis which we learn to be diurnal pollen feeders found in Arizona and Mexico.

Rose curculio by ADRIAN THYSSE

Lots of weevils in this post! Here’s another one by Adrian Thysse with his rose curculio with his interesting account of the beetle’s playing dead, a defensive mechanism.

Tiger beetles by STEVE WILLSON

Shh… there’s a couple having sex there. Steve Willson brings us an (almost) blow by blow account of tiger beetles mating. But more than that, he’s a keen observer of beetle behavior that is recounted in his post.

European cockchafers by CATA

A European cockchafer (Melolontha melolontha) spreading its wings to fly. This photo is one of four at the blog.

Buprestis rufipes by TED MACRAE

A really beautiful jewel beetle, Ted MacRae tells us the story behind his photograph of Buprestis rufipes that a blog reader sent him.

Cicindela punctulata by AMBER COAKLEY

Amber Coakley has a fascinating encounter with a Cicindela punctulata as she was trying out her new macro lens. Check out her post for more images of this beetle.

Onthophagus hopfneri

Onthophagus hopfneri by MARGARETHE BRUMMERMANN

Hey, these might not be the cutest but this group, dung beetles, are one of the more fascinating. For Margarethe, they actually saved her life.

Buprestis lineata by JSK

JSK posts about Buprestis lineata and how it is camouflaged in its surroundings.

A beautiful Alcidodes sp. on its foodplant

And of course, to finish this post, is my own, “Alcidodes sp. in the wilds of Bohol” a short account of seeing a weevil from this genus.

Thanx to Ted MacRae for this opportunity as well as pointing me out to additional links for this blog carnival.