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A short collecting trip at Epol, Davao City

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Pachyrhynchus samarensis (?) on tree bark

Trail leading to the falls

I was invited by my friend, Raegan, the world authority on Philippine Odonata to a brief trip to Epol Waterfalls in Marilog District, Davao City a few weeks ago. A two hour bus ride from the city, the area is already disturbed with secondary stands of forest. It is also a popular place for day trippers visiting the cascade.

I’m not so hopeful of getting new species on the families that I collect but it is always a good thing to go out with like minded persons and best of all, there was no competition as he was concentrating only on Odonata while I focus on Coleoptera. Of course, having been assigned in Davao City for a total of two years before, I’ve been in the area and, more or less, know what to find.

Metapocyrtus sp.

I was able to collect two species of Metapocyrtus (subgenus Metapocyrtus and subgenus Trachycyrtus) but what surprised me most was the presence of Pachyrhynchus (probably samarensis) all found on tree bark.

There were three species of tiger beetles, Cicindelidae: 2 species of Therates and one Neocollyris. Curiously, even with the presence of streams in shaded areas, there were no Thopeutica.

I only saw one small Melolonthinae but it flew away. One longhorn, Cerambycidae, Apomecycini was collected. No buprestids.